Sophrology reveals and stimulates the person’s ability to relax, to manage stress, to concentrate, to manage emotions, to memorize, to be positive, to project, to create…

The term sophrology comes from the Greek words: SOS for harmony, PHREN for mind or consciousness, and LOGIA for study.

Sophrology is therefore, on the one hand, a science that studies human consciousness and, on the other hand, a methodology that proposes techniques for its harmonization.

The sophrological tool was developed in the 60s by Pr. Alfonso Caycedo. By its very nature, sophrology has fueled many streams of research including the more energetic and emotional of Dr. Yves Davrou (Dynagogy). Dynamic Sophrology® is the result of Caycedian Sophrology and Dynagogy.

Dynamic Sophrology® brought the concept of stress and emotion management by adding specific exercises. It puts the tool at the service of all: to better understand and adapt to the current world whether in the field of health, social, education, work, sport… or simply for oneself.

Dynamic sophrology® can therefore be considered as a science, a philosophy, a methodology and a way of life.

Currently in training with the Belgian School of Dynamic Sophrology® (EBSD).

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