Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness into which any person spontaneously enters. Learning and using this state provides many benefits.

Strategic Conversational Hypnosis – PTR

Hypnotherapy can treat many pathologies and symptoms such as pain, depression, stress, loss of self-confidence, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, trauma following an accident…

Hypnosis is also very effective for the preparation of a surgical operation, the accompaniment of the sportsmen, the preparation with the birth…

Strategic conversational hypnosis, based on Ericksonian precepts, is an egalitarian, active and participatory hypnosis in which the patient is the therapist’s equal and has his or her share of work to do. Hypnosis is not the result of suggestion but rather the result of memory or imagination.

In addition to my specific training in conversational hypnosis focused on trauma desensitization and emotional management, I have specialized in three areas:

Support for children and adolescents

Children still live in a world of imagination, they know how to use the capacities of their mind. It is natural for them to solve their problems by having fun with hypnosis. Deep down, children know how to contact their inner being and expand their surface of openness to the Self, their light essence, which harmonizes and heals.

Accompanying children with hypnosis consists of helping them to set a concrete and realistic goal, initiating small hypnotic games (training in hypnotic phenomena), leading them to discover their own resources.

Applications: childhood disorders (enuresis, tics, nail biting, thumb sucking, sleep, school…), various problems (anxiety, hyperactivity, phobias, traumas…), adolescence (self-confidence, tobacco, drugs, break-up, harassment, eating disorders, finding one’s way, leaving home…).

The accompaniment of children led me to an enriching and exciting collaboration with Dr. Martine Guidicelli, an anesthesiologist trained in hypnosedation, for the writing of hypnotic tales. These stories allow children to find a singular meaning to their experiences in order to lead them to explore other perspectives.

High level athletes

High level sport requires physical, technical and mental skills. Sports coaching, mental preparation, sports performance, hypnosis is a very judicious tool to answer them.

Hypnosis is mainly used in the field of sports to help athletes control their emotional experience, their level of anxiety, to regulate the demands of their discipline on concentration, to stimulate energy and use it optimally, to increase their determination and self-confidence tenfold, or to inhibit any limiting psychological factor.

Perinatal care and birth preparation

Since the dawn of time, our mothers, our grandmothers, our most distant ancestors have always given birth, without necessarily having had recourse to specific preparation techniques.

But today, in Belgium, as in many other Western countries, the idea that childbirth is a dangerous act has gradually become part of the collective unconscious. As a result of this false belief, the implementation of an overly medicalized pregnancy follow-up has insidiously imposed itself in our society over the last decades.

According to the WHO, ” L’accouchement est un processus physiologique normal qui peut se dérouler sans complication pour la majorité des femmes et des enfants. Nevertheless, studies have shown that a substantial proportion of healthy pregnant women undergo at least one clinical intervention during labor and delivery. They are also often subjected to unnecessary and potentially dangerous systematic interventions. »

In addition to accompanying future parents in this happy experience, I also provide birth preparation training at the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Belgium (IMHEB). This training aims to familiarize professionals with the anatomy and physiology of childbirth, as well as to help them discover different techniques that will allow future mothers to regain confidence in their ability to give birth in order to live their pregnancy as serenely as possible


HypnoBirthing® is an accompaniment offered to future parents during pregnancy to prepare for the birth of their baby. Through the learning of relaxation methods, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques, the mother-to-be learns to trust her own body as well as her baby to experience a gentle and serene birth.

HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy as a technique. The concept is not new but rather the rebirth of a birthing philosophy as it existed thousands of years before us. It was taken up in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an English obstetrician, who rediscovered the concept of natural childbirth in 1920. In 1989, Marie Mongan developed the natural childbirth method known as HypnoBirthing®, which revolutionized the conventional wisdom on childbirth.

The method teaches us that in the absence of fear and tension, childbirth (or rather birth) can take place without suffering. HypnoBirthing teaches parents techniques to regain confidence that Nature intended the birth to be gentle, relaxed, calm and respectful.

Certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner, Mongan method (birth preparation).


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