“Never lose hope. When the sun sets, the stars appear. “

These few words wonderfully summarize the concept of personal development. Life balance, self-confidence, valorization of one’s potential, self-realization is a personal process. However, being accompanied during this self-development process often helps to untie knots that are difficult to untie alone.


Hypnosis is a gentle and respectful technique in which the unconscious is visited and solicited in order to free oneself from blockages and bring out resources in order to desensitize a painful past, regain control over a complicated current situation, or prepare a stressful future event.


Sophrology is the combination of breathing exercises, dynamic movements and past, present or future visualizations, allowing to find a right balance, a soft harmony between the body and the spirit following a personal awareness and an autonomous and responsible action.

About Anne

I entered the world of “alternative” therapies through the door of hypnosis. I put my knowledge and experience at the service of people going through a difficult time in life. Soft, natural, these therapies are above all very effective techniques, available to all. I accompany you with seriousness and professionalism in your quest for well-being, to reach your goals or to get rid of painful and invasive memories.

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